Unveiling a Planned Murder: Rizvi Accuses Authorities in BNP Leaders' Deaths

Unveiling a Planned Murder: Rizvi Accuses Authorities in BNP Leaders

Unveiling a Planned Murder: Rizvi Accuses Authorities in BNP Leaders' Deaths

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP, expressed deep concern about the alarming incidents of missing persons, murders, and forced disappearances. He highlighted the persisting atmosphere of fear, arrests, harassment, oppression, and torture, alleging that these actions aim to orchestrate a sham election on January 7 without any opposition, ultimately prolonging an illegal grasp on power by the dummy government.

During a press conference at the party's central office in Nayapaltan, Rizvi emphasized the imprisonment of individuals within a chaotic and anarchic environment. He cited Abdur Razzak's claim that 20,000 BNP leaders and workers were detained to eliminate obstacles to the upcoming election.

Rizvi denounced the ongoing reckless arrests nationwide, portraying the country's jails as overflowing with BNP leaders and activists, exceeding their capacity. He lamented the transformation of prison cells into oppressive concentration camps, where basic privileges are revoked, making survival difficult for the detainees. Rizvi alleged a violation of human rights, revealing reports of 13 BNP leaders dying in prison custody within the last three months, characterizing each death as a premeditated murder.

Sharing a recent incident, Rizvi recounted the alleged torture and death of Manowarul Islam, co-organizing secretary of Lakshmitari Mohipur Union, imprisoned without cause. Rizvi demanded an international investigation into every prison death, asserting that the legal system, law enforcement, and administration are conspiring against BNP leaders' constitutional rights under the Awami dummy government.

Highlighting the disparate treatment within the legal system, Rizvi pointed out that while some, like Shahjahan Omar, secure bail, thousands of BNP leaders and activists, including the Secretary General, face prolonged detention. He claimed collusion between the police and the court, suggesting they operate under the directives of Sheikh Hasina.

Rizvi concluded by shedding light on the plight of countless opposition leaders and activists, living in dire conditions as fugitives, emphasizing the prolonged imprisonment of BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia on orders from the central command in Ganabhaban- Bangabhaban.

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