'Terrible trial if you don't vote for Nixon', threatened to arrest

 'Terrible trial if you don't vote for Nixon', threatened to arrest

Nasir Khan (wearing a white sheet with a microphone) giving a speech in a courtyard meeting in Sadarpur Upazila of Faridpur in support of Nixon Chowdhury.

A supporter of Faridpur-4 Constituency Mojibur Rahman Chowdhury has threatened to give Nixon a "terrible trial in his own court" if he does not vote for him. Meanwhile, the returning officer has ordered his arrest.

DC and returning officer of Faridpur. The letter signed by Kamrul Ahsan Talukder was sent to the Superintendent of Police and RAB on Saturday.

It is mentioned in the letter that Nasir Khan, a resident of Amir Khan Kanda area of Chermanair Union of Sadarpur Upazila, made this threat in the courtyard meeting of Eagle symbol of Nixon Chowdhury on 29 December.

When asked about his arrest on Sunday night, Faridpur camp RAB-10 captain Lieutenant Commander Shaikh Ahmed said, "In the meantime, we have received the letter and the operation to arrest him has also started.

“He fled the area. He will be arrested from wherever he is found," added the RAB official.

Such aggressive threats to voters are a clear violation of Election Conduct Rule 11(e), the letter said.

A video of this speech went viral on social media. It can be seen that Nasir Khan is speaking with a microphone in a white chador at night.

At one stage of the speech, he was heard saying, “I will be at the polling station on that day (polling day). We do not fear any administrative or external power here after 4 o'clock. The army will be here, don't worry, vote and get out.

'Terrible trial if you don't vote for Nixon', threatened to arrest

“I will stand on Nasir Khan field. I'll understand, I'll understand - who voted for Nixon, and who didn't. After 4-5 o'clock trial will be in my court and horrible trial. Those who will be unfaithful to Nixon Chowdhury are unfaithful, Mirzafar, traitors.”

He called the district police superintendent's mobile phone at night to inquire about this, but he did not receive it.

Called Nasir Khan's mobile number but found it switched off.

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