People are Buried Under the Rubble of the Earthquake in Japan

Buildings damaged by the earthquake in Wajima, Japan

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake has caused considerable damage in the central region of Japan. Apart from the houses collapsing, cracks appeared on the roads. The fire service of the city of Wajima in the Ishikawa region of Japan said they received reports of at least 30 buildings collapsing in the earthquake.

A 'major tsunami warning' was issued for the coastal Ishikawa region after the earthquake. The warning was later reduced to just 'tsunami warning'. But officials are still urging caution. Residents of coastal areas have been asked to evacuate to higher ground.

What is known so far about the incident:

Residents have been asked to evacuate hundreds of kilometers of coastal areas in the Sea of Japan to higher ground.

Early warnings said waves of up to 5 meters (16 feet) could hit some areas. The warning was later downgraded in the vicinity of the epicenter, saying waves of up to three meters were possible.

The highest wave so far has been a little over a meter.

As many as 50 earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 3.4 to 7.6 have been felt in central Japan in the past 5 hours.

A government spokesperson said at least six cases of people being trapped by collapsed buildings in the earthquake have been reported. In addition, a major fire occurred in the Ishikawa region after the earthquake.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has warned that more earthquakes may occur in the coming days.

Car traffic and bullet train services have been suspended in the quake-hit Ishikawa region, along with the capital Tokyo.

The country's Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority said no abnormalities were seen at the nuclear power plants in the quake-hit area.

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