Moin Khan was Released After the BNP Procession Was Arrested

Moin Khan was released after the BNP procession was arrested

Moin Khan was Released After the BNP Procession Was Arrested.

BNP's black flag procession in the capital's Uttara demanding the cancellation of the 'dummy parliament' was halted by the police today. At that time, the police took Abdul Moin Khan, a member of the party's standing committee, in a car. He was later removed from the scene and released.

The incident took place on the road next to the cemetery in Sector 12 of Uttara around 2:30 PM today.

At this time, Moin Khan was taken away in a police van. Moin Khan said to the policemen before taking him in the car, 'What crime have I committed.'

 Eyewitnesses said Moin Khan was pushed from behind before being taken to the police car.

Moin Khan was the chief guest in this program of Sector 12. He reached there a few minutes before the car was picked up. At this time, some leaders and workers stood on the street. As soon as they stood up, 8 to 10 policemen came running. A few workers who were standing saw the police coming and ran away. At that time Moin Khan was giving a speech.

Moin Khan said, we fought a liberation war. Millions of people gave their lives for a cause. That is, we want a country with democracy, human rights and good governance. But nothing today. We have come to the streets to establish democracy.

This BNP leader said, we will protest peacefully and systematically. I will be on the road.

At this time the police took Moin Khan in the car. Then the assembly also broke up.

In this regard, ADC of Uttara Paschim, Salahuddin said, they (BNP) tried to hold a rally. But it was unauthorized. They applied, but it was not granted due to law-and-order concerns. That is why we dispersed. Eight to 10 people have been detained for questioning.

ADC Salahuddin said about Moin Khan's pick up, "We had intelligence, in fact there was a security risk to him. That's why we moved him a little further.'

Asked what kind of security risk there was, ADC Salahuddin said Moin Khan had personal and physical risk.

On allegations that Moin Khan was molested while being picked up, ADC Salahuddin said, 'There was no ill-treatment. The policemen showed professionalism.

Later, Uttara Paschim Police Station OC Abul Hasan told Prothom Alo that no one had arrested Moin Khan. He has been sent home.

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