If the Boat is not Voted, the Salary will Stop

Speaking Awami League candidate Abul Kalam. Ahsanul Haque's wife Surbhi Chowdhury. December 29 in Alampur area of Taraganj

Awami League candidate for Rangpur-2 (Badarganj-Taraganj) Constituency Member of Parliament Abul Kalam. A video of Ahsanul Haque aka Duke Chowdhury's wife Surbhi Chowdhury's election campaign has gone viral. In it, Surbhi is heard saying that if the boat is not voted on the 7th, the widow, old age, maternity and disabled allowance will be stopped.

According to the source of the video, on December 29 Ahsanul Haque's wife gathered men and women in Taraganj's Alampur area and asked for votes in favor of the boat. In the video, it can be seen that men, women and children have gathered in an empty place in Alampur area. There is a hand holding a microphone. Surbhi Chowdhury, the wife of the member of Parliament, is speaking from the side.

Addressing the voters, Surabhi Chowdhury said, 'You should not waste your precious vote. Who came the day after? On your Taraganj soil, Sheikh Hasina. He (Duke Chowdhury) was handed over to you and asked for votes on the boat brand. And what did he say, "My son". Then I am his (Prime Minister's) son's wife. Prime Minister's son's wife, how proud I am, how proud you are. PCs, Mara, Didi will go and cast their vote in the morning of January 7. I can't finish saying Sheikh Hasina's development. Your widow, old age, maternity and disability allowances are given. If you don't vote on the boat brands on the 7th, then they will be closed.'

When the matter was brought to notice, Taraganj Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) and Assistant Returning Officer Rubel Rana said on the phone on Sunday afternoon, "Candidates or anyone else cannot say such things. If it is said, action will be taken if evidence is found.'

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