Dr. Proposal to send expert team to review Yunus's case

Dr Proposal to send expert team to review Yunuss case

Dr. 242 leading people in various fields including more than 100 Nobel laureates have sent an open letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressing concern about the judgment of the labor law violation case against Muhammad Yunus and the ACC case. In the letter, they proposed to send an international expert team to Bangladesh to review these two cases.

The letter was published in the form of an advertisement in the Washington Post on Monday, according to a website called Protect Yunus. It is said that Dr. in the case of violation of labor law. The letter was written in response to the January 1 court verdict against Yunus and three officials of Grameen Telecom. Dr. about this. World leaders sent an open letter to the Prime Minister for the third time regarding the case against Yunus.

It is said in the letter published today, Dr. More than 190 world leaders, including 108 Nobel laureates, signed the second open letter on harassment of Yunus. Then, in a press conference in August last year, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the signatories of the letter to send lawyers and experts to look into the matter and said, "Let them look into all the documents of the person against whom the case is filed." Let them see for themselves whether there is any wrongdoing. They need to come and see what anomalies there are.'

Referring to this matter, the letter written to the Prime Minister said, 'We have accepted your invitation. (experts and lawyers) This review will not only surround the case of violation of the labor law that was decided on January 1. The case made by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) should also be surrounded.

The letter also said, 'We propose to send a team of independent legal experts headed by a senior international lawyer for this review. We want to start it soon. At the same time during the review Dr. I call for suspension of the prison sentence against Yunus and his colleagues.

Dr. in the letter. It has been said about the various achievements of Yunus, Dr. Yunus. He was awarded the Olympic Laurel Award during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and the World Football Summit Award in Saudi Arabia in 2023. Apart from this, according to independent research data, microcredit and social business Dr. In view of the work of Yunus, there has been significant improvement in the quality of life of many people in different countries of the world including Bangladesh.

In the open letter, the subject of the 12th National Parliament election of Bangladesh has also been brought up. It said opposition leaders were repressed and jailed in the run-up to the January 7 election. Apart from this, measures have been taken against the media and free expression of opinion. Various human rights and pro-democracy groups in Bangladesh and abroad have mentioned these facts.

A total of 242 people signed the third round of letters written to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Among them there are 125 Nobel laureates. Signatories to the letter include 16 Nobel Peace Prize laureates including Barack Obama, Shirin Ebadi, Al Gore, Tawakkul Karman, Nadia Murad, Maria Ressa, Juan Manuel Santos. There are 6 Nobel laureates in literature including Orhan Pamuk, JM Coetzee. There are 12 Nobel laureates in economics including Joseph Stiglitz. Apart from this, there are 36 Nobel laureates in chemistry, 29 Nobel laureates in medicine and 26 Nobel laureates in physics.

Apart from this, there are more than 100 people including the former Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon, the former Secretary of State of the United States Hillary Clinton, the British billionaire Sir Richard Branson in the list of signatories of the letter. Among them are former presidents, prime ministers, ministers, top businessmen, military commanders and other top people from various fields.

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