Attacks on Gaza will Continue Throughout the Year

Israel started the attack in the first hours of the new year. A Palestinian looks at the destroyed house in the attack. Yesterday in Rafah, Gaza
Israel also attacked Gaza during the English New Year. Hamas fighters also retaliated.

Israel has warned that it will continue the war against the Palestinian independence organization Hamas in Gaza for the whole of this year. About 22,000 people have already been killed in the valley, which has been blocked by Israel's continuous attacks since October last year. There were counter-attacks at the beginning of the English New Year as well.

In a New Year's message, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said some of the 300,000 reserve troops would take a break from combat as part of preparations for the "long-term fight" ahead.

Hagari said the military "needs to plan ahead, understanding that we will need additional work and combat throughout the year."

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health of Gaza said on Monday that at least 156 people were killed in Israeli attacks in the last 24 hours. Since October 7, 21 thousand 978 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza by Israeli attacks. 57 thousand 697 people were injured. Apart from this, about 7 thousand people are missing. It is believed that they are trapped under the rubble of houses destroyed by the Israeli attack.

The new year started with a counter attack

Israel attacked Gaza last Sunday night during the New Year. Hamas fighters also retaliated. At least 24 people have been killed in Israeli strikes across Gaza, Gaza's health ministry said.

A few rockets were fired from Gaza towards the southern part of Israel and the city of Tel Aviv at midnight on Sunday. The first attack took place in the southern region. A minute later, Tel Aviv was targeted.

  • 21 thousand 978 Palestinians have been killed so far in Gaza by Israeli attacks.
  • The withdrawal of some Israeli reserve troops from Gaza is seen as a new phase in the war.

Air raid sirens sounded in Tel Aviv during the incident. The rockets were shot down using Israel's missile defense system.

Many people gathered on the streets to celebrate the New Year at midnight. Many went to safe shelter after receiving the warning signal during the incident. Some continued to celebrate.

The Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, released a video on social media. In that video, they claimed responsibility for the attack on Israel. They also said that the attack was carried out using M90 rockets to avenge the killings that Israel is carrying out on civilians.

The Israeli offensive has displaced 85 percent of Gaza's 2.3 million residents. One of them is 20-year-old Hamdan Abu Arab. He hopes that the year 2024 will be comparatively better.

Reminiscing, Hamdan said, 'We used to go out on the last day of the year and have fun. But this New Year's Eve, there are only missiles and human remains.'

New phase of war:

The withdrawal of some of Israel's reserve forces from Gaza is believed to be part of a new phase in the war. Officials said yesterday that the military would reduce the number of troops inside Gaza this month. A new phase of the months-long war will begin. This will lead to more specific 'eradication' operations locally.

Israeli officials say the drawdown will allow some reservists to return to civilian life. This will bring Israel's war-torn economy back to normal. In addition, if the conflict with Hezbollah spreads to the north of the Lebanese border, the troops evacuated from Gaza will be deployed there.

Over the past few days, counter-attacks between Israeli forces and Hezbollah fighters have increased along the Lebanese border. Israel has warned that full-scale war in Lebanon is imminent if Hezbollah fighters do not retreat.

The Israeli government called up 300,000 reserve troops for the Gaza war. This is 10 to 15 percent of the country's labor force. However, many were immediately relieved of duty. However, government sources say that two to two and a half lakh reserve soldiers are still on duty. They are absent from jobs and university studies.

Israeli forces launched a ground offensive in Gaza in late October. There, they faced resistance from the fighters of Gaza independence organizations including Hamas. 172 Israeli soldiers were killed in the ground operation. However, Israel admitted that 29 of them were killed by its forces.

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