Tragedy Strikes: AIMIM Leader Arif Jamal Shot Dead in Siwan, Police Launch SIT Probe

Tragedy Strikes: AIMIM Leader Arif Jamal Shot Dead in Siwan, Police Launch SIT Probe

In a shocking incident on Saturday night, Arif Jamal, the district president of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) in Siwan, met with a tragic end as unidentified assailants shot him. The gruesome incident took place near a food stall in an area falling under the jurisdiction of the Hussainganj police station.

The Fatal Encounter

According to the police report, Arif Jamal was standing near a food stall when the assailants opened fire, leaving him critically injured. Swiftly taken to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries, marking the untimely demise of the 30-year-old leader.

Police Form Special Investigation Team (SIT)

Reacting promptly to the incident, the district police have established a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to delve into the circumstances surrounding Arif Jamal's murder. Siwan Superintendent of Police, Shailesh Kumar Gupta, stated, "We have set up an SIT under an inspector. We are trying to find out the motive behind the murder."

A Leader's Profile

Arif Jamal, a prominent figure in AIMIM, had previously contested in the 2015 Assembly election and was actively involved in social work, running an NGO. In 2017, he ascended to the position of AIMIM unit president in Bihar's Siwan district.

Seeking Answers: AIMIM's Response

Expressing shock and grief, AIMIM Bihar spokesperson Adil Hasan Azad emphasized Arif Jamal's non-controversial and upright leadership. He urged a thorough investigation by the police to uncover the motive behind the tragic incident.

As the investigation unfolds, the Siwan community mourns the loss of a political figure, and the AIMIM family grapples with the void left by the untimely demise of Arif Jamal.

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