There would not have been 'sabotage' if BNP came to the polls: EC Alamgir

Dhaka: Election Commissioner Md. Alamgir said that if BNP came to the polls, the balance would have been established in the elections. They are calling for a peaceful boycott.

Dhaka: Election Commissioner Md. Alamgir said that if BNP came to the polls, the balance would have been established in the elections. They are calling for a peaceful boycott.

Still incidents like arson, cutting railway lines are happening. All this would not have happened if they came to the election.

On Sunday (December 24), he said these things in response to various questions from journalists at his office in the election building.

Election Commissioner Alamgir said that if everyone came, the election would have been more balanced. Elections are balanced by the participation of different parties. It cannot be said that it is a party election. It is just that big parties like BNP are not participating. They would have been much better, balanced. They are not only coming, they are also obstructing. They are also calling for a peaceful election boycott. Anyone can do it.

He said that the law and order forces are busy in that direction to obstruct the election. It would not have happened if BNP came. Buses are being set on fire at various places, railway lines are being cut, law and order forces are spending time in those directions. If BNP came, they would not have to give this time. They could spend time on poll management.

This former EC secretary said, if three big parties are caught, two big parties are participating in the election. Now if everyone comes to vote, the election will be participatory.

In response to the question of who is showing fair elections to foreign countries, Election Commissioner Alamgir said that there is no shortage of candidates in any seat. Every candidate is contesting. So it cannot be said that there is no competition. We are doing it out of a sense of responsibility for fair elections. Not to show anyone. Whoever the people vote for will go to parliament.

In response to another question, Election Commissioner Alamgir said, we have many plans. Not saying at the moment. All plans can no longer be leaked. There is no opportunity to say before. We will understand the situation and take action.

More than two hundred have mourned, there is no visible arrangement, why this silence? There is no action taken against some candidates, yesterday, a commissioner said that measures like canceling the candidature may come, Election Commissioner Alamgir said in response to the question whether he is taking action, the returning officer, assistant returning officer, election investigation committee do the action. It depends on their situation there. But we don't. It is done in the field. The Election Investigation Committee informed us. In some cases monetary fines have been imposed, in some cases cases have been sent to jail. Doing what we have as per our rules. We had a candidate (Amir Hussain Amu) summoned from there. He appeared and explained. The statement he gave is not consistent with all the videos that have come. He said to be careful about this in future.

He said, no decision has been taken to cancel the candidature. We can cancel if decided. The law states that the candidature is canceled in some cases. It will take a long time to tell.

The candidate of Comilla-6 Constituency A. K. M. Bahauddin Bahar has given three shocks, asked for the latest investigation report, in response to the question about his progress, the Election Commissioner said, 24 hours time was given to send the report. That hasn't happened yet. The report will reveal what kind of mourning was done in the field. I will analyze the judgment and then make a decision. It cannot be said in advance whose candidature will be cancelled.

Election Commissioner Md. Anishur Rahman said on Saturday (December 23) that the candidature will be canceled if the matter is brought forward. Alamgir said, he can tell. Because we have not received the report yet. I can tell after the report. Then he (accused) should also be heard. His statements will also be scrutinized. Where there is open attack, there is a case.

The 12th National Assembly election will be held on January 7.

Bangladesh Time: 1522 hours, December 24, 2023


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