Taiwan's Reunification with China is Inevitable, Said Xi

Taiwan's Reunification with China is Inevitable, Said Xi

Taiwan's reunification with China is inevitable, said Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping once again commented that Taiwan's reunification with China is inevitable. The Chinese president made this comment in a speech given on Tuesday ahead of next month's presidential election in the autonomous region of Taiwan.

The speech was given on the occasion of the 130th birthday of China's founder Mao Zedong. He said, 'Completing the process of reunification with the motherland is an inevitable condition for development. This is the fair process, which the people want. Motherland must and will be united again.'

Taiwan's outgoing president Tsai Ing-wen is believed to be close to the US. Vice President Lai Ching is running to succeed him from the Democratic Progressive Party. So far he is ahead.

The other two candidates in the race are Ho Yew Yeh and Ko Wen Jie. Yu Yeh of the Kuomintang Party and Ko Wen Ze of the Taiwan People's Party are considered close to Beijing.

The Chinese Communist Party claims Taiwan as its own territory. Although they never had control over the region. Chinese officials have repeatedly expressed their desire to peacefully integrate Taiwan with China. However, they are not ruling out the possibility of applying force if necessary.

In yesterday's speech, Xi said, 'We must work to improve inter-strait relations peacefully. Either way, anyone seeking to separate Taiwan from China must be resisted.”

C is believed to have issued this warning not only to Taiwanese, but also to Washington.

Chinese President Xi told US President Joe Biden during a conference in San Francisco last month that Taiwan's reunification with China cannot be stopped. This was reported to the press from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

In August 2022, then Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. After that, China started conducting military exercises around Taiwan for several days. Due to China's exercise, just as shipping in the Taiwan Strait was closed, international airlines were forced to cancel their flights to Taiwan. In this way, China isolated Taiwan.

The United States maintains informal relations with Taiwan. Again, they are supporters of the 'One China Policy'.

According to this policy, Taiwan is part of China. But Washington has never officially recognized Taiwan as part of Beijing.

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