Shajahan's campaign of roses in the next seat, criticizing the independent candidate

Shajahan's campaign of roses in the next seat, criticizing the independent candidate

While the candidates for the 12th National Assembly elections are busy in mass communication in their respective constituencies, Awami League candidate Shajahan Khan in Madaripur-2 constituency is giving time to Abdus Sobhan Golap, the boat candidate of Madaripur-3 constituency.

MP Shajahan Khan of Madaripur-2 (Sadar Ekansh and Rajair) Constituency was seen in Madaripur-3 (Sadar Ekansh, Kalkini and Dasar) Constituency in several road meetings of Golap. This former minister was also seen asking for votes on behalf of Sobhan in the local market.

Local leaders and workers of Awami League say that the party leaders and workers are not on her side in the polling field due to the distance and conflict between the leaders and workers.

Apart from Upazila Awami League Joint General Secretary Lokman Sardar, no significant leader was seen in the election campaign of Golap. In Madaripur-3 constituency, most of the leaders and activists of Awami League are working for Tahmina Begum, an independent candidate of Eagle symbol and President of Upazila Awami League.

For this reason, Awami League presidium member Shajahan Khan has directly entered the field to promote the boat in Madaripur-3 constituency. Along with him, some leaders of the district are also seen in the election campaign of Rose.

On Friday morning, Shajahan Khan took part in a road meeting with roses in the grounds of Laxmipur High School of Madaripur-3 Constituency. District Awami League Vice President Syed Abul Bashar and Shajahan Khan's brother Azizul Rahman Khan were present at the time.

Earlier, Shajahan Khan wanted boat votes in favor of Rose in Chardaulatkhan and Mustafapur Union and Kalkini Municipal area. He wants to vote for rose in Bhurghata area on Saturday too.

Shajahan Khan said in Golap's election road meeting in Lakshmipur area, "This vote does not belong to Golap sahib. This vote belongs to Sheikh Hasina. Those who join Awami League must vote by boat. And those who don't vote by boat, they don't make Awami League."

He said, "Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will not hold an election public meeting at Madaripur Sadar or Shivchar." Do it in Kalkini. People should understand how much Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina loves roses. So we all have to vote for the boat symbol.”

However, some have criticized Shajahan Khan for campaigning directly in favor of roses.

General secretary of Kalkini town Awami League Enayet Hossain Howladar said, "Abdus Sobhan Golap has no popularity of his own. He is a corrupt MP. So he is campaigning by hiring people from the district.

He expressed his anger and said, "Shajahan Khan is the MP of Madaripur-2 constituency, what is his work in 3 constituencies?" He is lying in Kalkini instead of campaigning in his seat. It doesn't suit him (Shajahan Khan)."

"Although we don't have a problem with it, because we Awami League, we are all in the mass tide of the eagle."

Shajahan Khan in the election meeting in Lakshmipur High School of Madaripur-3 Constituency.

District Awami League President Shahabuddin Ahmed Molla said, "We are people of Awami League. I have always been and always will be in favor of the boat. However, we are not campaigning for the boat candidate in Madaripur-2 and 3 constituencies.

Apart from that, Upazila Awami League president Tahmina Begum is an independent candidate in Madaripur-3 constituency. Upazila Awami League leaders and workers have entered the field together on his behalf. We sympathize with him. Because, the leader said, whoever will be elected by the people is mine.”

General Secretary of Kalkini Upazila Awami League Toufikuzzaman Shaheen said, "I myself submitted nomination papers as an independent candidate for this seat, but later withdrew them. However, the Upazila Awami League is not in favor of Golap, the candidate of the boat. Leaders and workers of all upazila and union committees have supported Tahmina Begum."

And independent candidate Tahmina Begum said, "Shajahan Khan is campaigning for a corrupt MP by leaving his election and coming to Kalkini-Dassar." It doesn't suit him."

They came to the election field and complained that ``Awami League's tyagi leaders and activists started killing them'', he said, "A tyagi Awami League leader of Lakshmipur Union was killed on Friday night. There is a conspiracy to spoil the election field. We are not afraid of that.”

Tahmina, Member of Parliament for reserved women's seat, said, "I have leaders, activists and people with me. Inshallah, the people will vote for Eagle Bird Marka on the 7th and oust a corrupt person from Kalkini forever.”

When asked about Tahmina Begum's complaint, Abdus Sobhan Golap told reporters, "The complaints made by the independent candidate are baseless. Why the leaders and activists of the boat have nothing to do with the killing of the Awami League leader on Friday. I heard he was killed due to a family dispute.”

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