OC threatens 2 UP chairman to work for the boat

OC threatens 2 UP chairman to work for the boat

Mymensingh: The officer-in-charge (OC) of Mymensingh's Trishal police station Kamal Hossain has been accused of threatening to implicate two Union Parishad (UP) chairmen in a case if they do not act on behalf of the boat.

Independent candidate of Mymensingh-7 (Trishal) constituency ABM Anichuzzaman Anich filed this written complaint with the Election Commission.

This allegation was made on the grounds of intimidation of supporters along with violation of election code of conduct on December 20.

On Saturday (December 23) around 8:30 p.m., Trishal Upazila Executive Officer and Assistant Returning Officer of the 12th National Parliament Election. Jewel Ahmed confirmed the truth of this news to BanglaNews. He said that a complaint has been filed with the Election Commission. The Election Commission will look into the matter.

Independent candidate ABM Anishuzzaman said that before December 19, Chairman of Upazila Number 2 Bailor Union Parishad Moshiur Rahman Shahan Shah and Number 1 Dhanikhola Union Parishad Chairman Mamunur Rashid Sohel Ahmed went to work at the police station and OC Kamal ordered them to work on behalf of the boat candidate. Otherwise, the OC threatened to arrest them on false charges. He also alleged that Dhanikhola Union Beat Police Officer Sub-Inspector (SI) Aminul Islam is pressuring local voters to vote by boat.

In this incident, Mamunur Rashid Sohail, Chairman of Dhanikhola UP number 1, said, I went to the police station for work in the area. At this time, the OC wants to know who I am choosing? Then I said I haven't decided yet. In this reply the OC told me that I have given you two days. Will have to work on behalf of the boat, let me know.

Moshiur Rahman Shahan Shah, Chairman of Baylor Union No. 2, made a similar complaint and said, I went to the police station for a job. Then the OC told me - you are working for an independent candidate, that cannot be done. You threatened me that you would work for the boat or get in trouble.

However, the officer-in-charge (OC) of Trishal Khana denied this allegation. Kamal Hossain. He said, I have heard that an independent candidate has complained against me. But I didn't threaten anyone. These allegations against me are false.

Similarly, Sub-Inspector (SI) of Trishal Police Station Aminul Islam claimed that the allegations were false and said, "I did not force anyone to vote in the boat." This is a false allegation.

Mymensingh Deputy Commissioner and Returning Officer Didare Alam Mohammad Maqsud Chowdhury said, "I am not aware of such a complaint, I just heard about it.

Bangladesh Time: 2100 hours, December 23, 2023


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