India's Role Is Pathetic: Rizvi

India's role is pathetic: Rizvi

India's role is pathetic: Rizvi

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi has criticized the role of neighboring country India in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections and the current political situation.

Rizvi said, India is a democratic country. There is a tradition of democracy. How the Government of India directly advocates an 'Undemocratic Dictatorship'! They say they are in favor of the people of Bangladesh, but they have taken a stand against the 18 crore people of Bangladesh, which is very sad.

This BNP leader said these things in a virtual news briefing on Friday evening.

Complaining that Awami League has been looting the country for 15 years with the support of India, no one can vote, Rizvi said that India itself is a democratic country, but they are supporting a government of Bangladesh without voting. That means they do not care about the geographical independence and people of Bangladesh. A political party is important to them. They are controlling Bangladesh through this Awami League.

Harshly criticizing India's role, Rizvi said, those who protest about fair share of water, border killing, monopolistic trade; India considers them as enemies. And happy for those who support them. He said that the Indian government has turned the people of Bangladesh against each other. But the people of Bangladesh consider the people of India as friends.

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi highlighted the issue of China and Russia's support to the Awami League government and said that authoritarian governments have traditionally been effective in their countries. As a result they may support the activities of an authoritarian government. But support for democratic India is very sad.

Regarding the election, this senior leader of BNP said that this election cannot be participatory without the main opposition parties including BNP. The government has tried in various ways to break BNP, showing greed. But no one approached them except some of the meanest covetous ones. Those who participated in this fraudulent election out of greed will go down in history.

Rizvi alleged that the government has taken control of everything including the Election Commission, law and order enforcement, judicial department, education department. He said, they (the present government) want to stay in power by any means.

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, 'We do not want power. We want free elections. Elections will not be free unless Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina resigns. But he doesn't want to resign. Because, he wants to organize the election in his own way.

Regarding the arrest and cases of party leaders and workers, Rizvi said that more than 150,000 cases have been filed, more than two crore leaders and workers are homeless. Leaders and activists are being arrested and tortured. They are dying in jail.

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