Voting schedule amid political divisions

Voting schedule amid political divisions

Voting schedule amid political divisions

The Election Commission (EC) has announced the schedule of the 12th National Parliament election amid the conflicting political situation. Voting will be held on January 7. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal announced the schedule in his address to the nation on Wednesday evening. Requesting the political parties to find a solution by avoiding conflict and violence, he said that compromise and solution through dialogue is not impossible.

Like-minded parties, including the BNP, which has been agitating for elections under a non-partisan government, have rejected this schedule. Rejecting the schedule, various parties including Left Democratic Alliance, Democracy Manch, People's Rights Parishad immediately protested in the capital. In protest of the schedule, the Democracy Forum has called a morning-evening strike across the country on Thursday. On this day, the Left Democratic Alliance has called a half-hour strike. On the other hand, Awami League marched across the country yesterday welcoming this schedule.

According to the constitution, the election will be under the party government. Before this, the last two parliamentary elections were also held under the party government. However, there are debates in the political arena about the 2018 11th parliamentary elections and the 2014 10th parliamentary elections.

BNP, the main political rival of the ruling Awami League, participated in the eleventh parliamentary elections despite boycotting the tenth parliamentary elections. This time they have announced not to participate in the elections under the party government. BNP and its like-minded parties are carrying out programs like hartal-blockade to demand the resignation of the government and elections under a non-partisan government. In such a scenario, the schedule of polls and another one-sided election like 2014 could make the political situation more confrontational.

CEC Kazi Habibul Awal's speech yesterday also brought up the current political situation. Pointing out the need for favorable political environment for free, impartial, participatory and festive elections, the CEC said, the overall political leadership of the country has been witnessing disagreements on the issue of elections, especially on the issue of institutional arrangements for elections. In multi-party politics there can be ideological divisions. But if disagreements lead to conflict and violence, the resulting instability can have an adverse impact on the electoral process.

Pointing out that the Election Commission will welcome the spontaneous participation and competition of all parties in the elections, the CEC said that reconciliation and solution through dialogue avoiding mutual revenge, mistrust and mistrust is not impossible. Absolute tolerance, mutual trust, tolerance and solidarity are the essential parameters for a sustainable and stable democracy.

Security has been strengthened around the election hall in Agargaon of the capital since yesterday morning based on the announcement of the schedule. Police stopped the traffic on some nearby roads. Along with the police, RAB and BGB members were deployed on the streets in front of the election building. After noon, the law enforcement force was increased. Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Habibur Rahman went to meet the CEC in the afternoon.

 A.League marches across the country welcoming the schedule. * Rejection of schedule by like-minded parties including BNP. * In protest of the schedule, the Democracy Forum has called a morning-evening strike across the country today. The Left Democratic Alliance has called a half-hour strike.

The Election Commission held a meeting at 5 pm yesterday before announcing the schedule. In the meeting chaired by CEC Kazi Habibul Awal, Election Commissioner. Ahsan Habib Khan, Rasheda Sultana, Md. Alamgir and Md. Anishur Rahman was present. The voting schedule was finalized in that meeting. Later in the evening at seven in the evening the CEC announced the schedule in an address to the nation. About 15 minutes of this speech was broadcast live by Bangladesh Television.

In his speech, Kazi Habibul Awal urged the people to go to the polling station and cast their votes in a joyous and fearless atmosphere, overcoming anxiety, worry and discomfort. Addressing the voters, he said, "The citizens will perform their duties in the formation of parliament and government by freely exercising their valuable voting rights and electing their preferred candidates." The vote is yours. Do not be influenced by anyone's interference or inducement in voting.'

The CEC urged the voters to resist any interference or obstruction individually or collectively. He said, if necessary, he will inform the presiding officer of the center immediately. The presiding officer is legally responsible and bound to ensure freedom of voter exercise their right to vote by resisting any malpractice at any cost.

The government has repeatedly promised

In his speech, CEC Kazi Habibul Awal highlighted the obligation of holding the parliamentary elections on time. He said that the government has repeatedly expressed clear commitment to make the upcoming parliamentary elections fair, free, impartial, participatory and peaceful. The Commission will also carry out its duties with honesty, devotion and sincerity in making the elections free, fair and peaceful with the utmost capacity within its power and with all necessary assistance from the Government.

Courageous agents and the media context.

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