Press conference of top leaders of Rajshahi BNP amid rumors of party change.

Press conference of top leaders of Rajshahi BNP amid rumors of party change.

Press conference of top leaders of Rajshahi BNP amid rumors of party change.

Top leaders of BNP in Rajshahi district and metropolis held a press conference amidst rumors of joining the new party of top leaders and participating in the elections. They dismissed the news of joining a new party or participating in the elections and said that the people of the country will not go to the elections on January 7. Terrorist activities including car burning are being carried out by the corrupt forces of the government. BNP is conducting a peaceful movement for the votes of the people of the country.

This press conference was held at the party office of the metropolitan and district BNP in Malopara area of Rajshahi city on Saturday at 11 o'clock. The top leaders of the local BNP were present there amid the fear of the arrest of the leaders and workers. Usually, when there is a press conference or party program of BNP, the police are deployed in the BNP office area. However, no uniformed police were seen around the office that day.

Mizanur Rahman Minu, advisor to the Chairperson of BNP and former mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation and former Member of Parliament, read the written statement at the press conference. 10-12 leaders including BNP Central Committee Forest and Environment Secretary, former Rajshahi City Corporation Mayor Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul, metropolitan BNP convener Ershad Ali, district BNP member secretary Bishwanath Sarkar were present.

Rumors spread in Rajshahi for a few days, Mizanur Rahman, former Member of Parliament for Rajshahi-5 (Puthia-Durgapur) Constituency and former District BNP General Secretary Nadeem Mostafa, late BNP Minister Barrister Aminul Haque's brother and local BNP member retired army officer Sharif Uddin have joined the new party. Participate in the election. Meanwhile, former district BNP general secretary Matiur Rahman Montu has joined the post of vice chairman of the central committee of BNM. He has announced to participate in the election from Rajshahi-3 (Paba-Mohanpur) seat.

In this regard, Mizanur Rahman said in a press conference that his ancestors did anti-British movement. That blood is flowing in his body. He is in BNP. As long as you live, you will stay in BNP. Regarding Matiur Rahman, he said, it is his matter.

Although he was not present at the press conference, Nadeem Mostafa told Prothom Alo when contacted over the phone that he came to BNP through Chhatra Dal politics. Even if he pays thousands of rupees, he will not go beyond the party's decision.

Stop the arrests and demand the release of leaders and workers

In a written speech at the press conference, Mizanur Rahman said, BNP has repeatedly invited this Awami fascist government to ensure the constitutional rights of the people of the country. This government has established a one-party rule without paying any heed to it. BNP believes that people are the main source of power. So they are in the field with the people. He said that the government has arrested Rajshahi district, metropolitan and central leaders and workers for no reason and sent them to jail on false and fabricated cases. He called for the release of all arrested leaders and activists and withdrawal of all false cases.

Seeking the cooperation of the police, Mizanur Rahman said that the role of Rajshahi District Police and Rajshahi Metropolitan Police officers in the movement to implement the democratic rights of the people is mysterious and strange. The police force is the force of the state. They are not party forces. BNP thinks that this democratic movement will cooperate peacefully in Rajshahi along with stopping police arrests from the coming days.

Mizanur Rahman demanded that no more leaders and activists be arrested and false and fabricated cases be stopped, "We hope that the government will come to its senses and exercise voting rights to establish democracy in the country, stop the increase in commodity prices, murder, disappearances, murders, torture and oppression." He will resign in the face of people's demands and bring peace back to the country.

Mizanur Rahman said that the government has made Bangladesh a dishonorable state in the world by holding elections without voters in 2018 and 2018. Therefore, the people of the country will not go to vote in the elections on January 7.

When attention was drawn to the terrorist activities in the country and the departure of the top leaders from the grand assembly on October 28, this leader said that the terrorist activities are being carried out by the corrupt forces of the government. And in the rally in Dhaka where there is shooting, sound grenades are being launched; Who will stand there? The party workers were there, in response to this question, Mizanur Rahman called for the next question and said, "Next."

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