Joined BNM as a local member of parliament

Joined BNM as a local member of parliament

Joined BNM as a local member of parliament.

Member of the Bangladesh National Parliament, an organization that joins the New Portalitatavadi Andolan (BNM). Among them, Member of Parliament of Faridpur-1 Constituency Mohammad Shah Abu Zar has been recognized as a proud incumbent.

This Monday morning National Press Club a news correspondent M Sangsad MPs were given the day after joining BN. Apart from Shah Mohammad Abu Zafar, he is a Member of Parliament from Jhenaidah-1 Constituency who has written a new party for three other times. Abdul Wahab, Member of Parliament for Sunamganj-4 Constituency Dewan Shamsul Abedin and Member of Parliament for Constituency-2 Professor Abdur Rahman. Presented on the news platform. BNM Secretary General Md. Shah Jahan

BNM, which emerged a couple of years ago after leaving the portal party with a leader, won the elections in August last year. Political party leaders are eager to participate in discussions in Pakistan. Voters call BNMK 'king's party'. Expressing his reaction, he said that BNP may participate in Jatiya Party's M Batter to boycott the parliamentary elections.

The party's incumbent candidate Shah Mohammad Abu Zafar was serving as a political member. After joining BNM, he told Prothom Alo, 'I want to run for election. For this reason, the person in charge who joined BM. Shah Mohammad Abu Zafar said, 400-500 local authorities are suffering from law and order in his area - we are supporting. Discipline Always - safety was not an option.

The leader of the four Barser BM Yoge team. Shahjahan said, "These people have joined various organizations. But the hope of practicing democracy within the movement, and not aligning itself with strategy, is due to joining BNM with controversy after taking the test.

The name of the facility of BN will be said soon. Shah Jahan He said, 'You can tell, there are big surprises in store for you. As many BN mers would note, he is a well-known and internationally prominent politician. He will appear with the next one.

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