Foreigners Should Not Talk About Internal Affairs Before Elections

Foreigners Should Not Talk About Internal Affairs Before Elections

Foreigners Should Not Talk About Internal Affairs Before Elections.

The State Minister of Foreign Affairs thinks that foreigners should not talk about the internal affairs of Bangladesh before the national elections. Shahriar Alam. He said this at a seminar titled 'Democracy and Elections: South Asian Context' at the National Press Club in the capital on Sunday.

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs said, 'Many people still try to talk about our internal affairs. But nothing like that will happen before the elections - I believe we have managed to create such a situation. There will come a time, when the country will be run in the way that the people and political parties really think.'

Pointing to foreign diplomats, the state minister said, 'There has been a lot of talk about what they do. Now I want to focus on the election. No one can obstruct the election.

Shahriar Alam said, South Asian countries were colonies of different states. Foreign interference is ingrained here.

The Minister of State for External Affairs mentioned that India is the largest and most successful democratic country and their electoral process is also successful. Not wanting to mention the name of any country, he said, those who talk about democracy, rule of law, human rights, despite being much richer and more advanced than India, they also have many problems in elections.

Regarding South Asia, the state minister said that South Asia is developing on how the elections and democracy of each country will be affected. Those who are against democracy, who are enemies of these countries, are active. Friendship and cooperation should continue there.

The seminar was moderated by Shyamal Dutt, General Secretary of the National Press Club. Mozammel Babu, President of Editors Guild, Professor Abdul Mannan, former Chairman of University Grants Commission, Mohammad Manjurul Islam, Editor-in-Chief of DBC News, Gautam Lahiri, President of India Press Club, Sanjay Chowdhury, Consulting Editor of Times Now also spoke in the seminar.

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