Blockade today, strike tomorrow

Blockade today, strike tomorrow. The 48-hour hartal-blockade program of opposition parties including BNP started again with a break of one day

Blockade today, strike tomorrow

The 48-hour hartal-blockade program of opposition parties including BNP started again with a break of one day. Among these, a 24-hour blockade has started across the country from 6 am on Wednesday. This program will continue tomorrow Thursday morning till six o'clock. A 24-hour strike will begin across the country after the end of the blockade.

The program has been given to demand the resignation of the government, elections under a non-partisan government and the release of arrested leaders and activists including BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and stop harassment.

According to the schedule announced by the Election Commission, tomorrow is the last day to file nomination papers for the 12th National Assembly elections. BNP called for hartal on this day itself. Earlier, the party has blocked in seven phases. The two-day blockade called for the seventh phase ended at six o'clock on Tuesday morning. Today, on Wednesday, in the eighth phase, the 24-hour blockade program on roads, railways and waterways across the country was called for by the BNP and the participating parties of the simultaneous movement. Jamaat-e-Islami has also announced a separate program of blockade and hartal.

On October 29, BNP went on a morning-evening strike across the country to protest against the grand rally held in Dhaka on October 28. Since then, the party is giving continuous blockade program except on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday. Between October 29 and November 19 and 20, the party held a hartal program.

According to the information provided by BNP, more than 17 thousand 10 leaders and activists have been arrested since four-five days before the mass meeting on October 28 until yesterday afternoon. At this time, more than 435 cases have been filed against party leaders and workers across the country.

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