Obaidul Quader United Nations Intervention Unnecessary to Create Crisis

Obaidul Quader: United Nations Intervention Unnecessary to Create Crisis
Obaidul Quader Profile
Obaidul Quader Profile 

The General Secretary of the Awami League and the Minister of Road Transport and Bridges, Obaidul Quader, has stated that we will discuss our own problems and find solutions ourselves. There is no need for the intervention of the United Nations or any external interference to address such a political crisis in our country.

After paying homage at the sculpture of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, on Dhanmondi Road No. 32 in the capital on Wednesday morning, the minister responded to questions from journalists.

The Minister further stated that no decision has been taken yet regarding discussions with political parties on the upcoming twelfth national parliamentary elections. The solution to the crisis lies within our constitution. If the constitution fails to provide a solution in any country, then how can democracy exist in that nation?

He also mentioned that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has invited talks and discussions in the past elections.

Obaidul Quader stated that Bangladesh's democracy has now become much more mature. The establishment of democracy is progressing institutionally. Therefore, there is no need for any external intervention or interference. We will solve our own problems ourselves. Only Time Will Reveal When and How It Will Occur, Says Obaidul Quader. No decision has been made regarding discussions and negotiations at the moment.

He said that thanks to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's initiative, the Election Commission has become more democratic. The electoral system has become more democratic. Democracy is not established overnight. It takes time to institutionalize it. A process is followed to establish institutional form.

Regarding the BNP leaders threatening our leader with assassination, Obaidul Quader asked, what should we discuss with them? They are engaged in futile politics. What have they gained? They have been rejected by America, and they have been rejected by the European Union. What have they gained from their international isolation? They have gained the egg of a horse. Now they seek the intervention of the United Nations. With this intervention, they are trying to create a new conspiracy.


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