Turkey Election Results 2023 live Erdogan Kilicdaroglu Run Off

Turkey Election Results 2023 live Erdogan Kilicdaroglu Run Off
Turkey Election Results 2023 live Erdogan Kilicdaroglu Run Off

Putin Extends Congratulations to Erdogan, Emphasizing Turkish People's Support for Independent Foreign Policy

In a show of support, President Putin congratulated President Erdogan on his recent victory, citing it as a clear indication of the Turkish people's endorsement of his independent foreign policy. Furthermore, Putin acknowledged Erdogan's personal contributions to fostering strong and amicable Russian-Turkish relations.

Kilicdaroglu Encourages Supporters to Persist in the Struggle for Democracy

Following the conclusion of the election, Kilicdaroglu broke his silence and urged his supporters to persevere in what he termed the ongoing struggle for democracy in Turkey. He highlighted the election results as a reflection of the Turkish people's desire for a transformation away from what they perceive as an "authoritarian" government.

Prominent Mayor Urges Imamoglu to Assume Leadership of CHP

A well-known mayor representing Kilicdaroglu's main opposition party has called for a significant change in the Republican People's Party (CHP), recommending Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu to replace Kilicdaroglu as its leader. Expressing gratitude for Kilicdaroglu's dedication, the mayor of Bolu province, Tanju Ozcan, attributed the initial missteps to a small faction prioritizing personal gain over the nation's interests. Ozcan firmly asserted, "My historic call!!! Mr. Imamoglu should head the CHP immediately. Full stop."

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