Seville - Real Madrid, live | The white team prevails in Nervión and defends second place in the League

Seville - Real Madrid, live | The white team prevails in Nervión and defends second place in the League

In a thrilling encounter between Real Madrid and Sevilla on matchday 37 of the League, it was Real Madrid who emerged victorious. Sevilla took an early lead through Rafa Mir's goal, capitalizing on a clear opportunity in the penalty area. However, Rodrygo quickly equalized for Real Madrid with an unstoppable free-kick that eluded the goalkeeper, Bono. The Brazilian continued his impressive performance by scoring his second goal early in the second half, showcasing his dribbling skills and converting a counterattack following a corner kick for Sevilla. As the game neared its conclusion, Sevilla's Acuña received a red card for a harsh tackle on Ceballos, reducing their team to ten players.

And that concludes the Sevilla vs. Real Madrid match. Real Madrid secured the win by turning the tables on Sevilla after conceding an early goal by Rafa Mir. Although Sevilla had their sights set on the upcoming Europa League final, they were unable to hold on to their advantage. Thank you for joining us, and have a good night!

Rodrygo's performance was truly exceptional, defying all odds. In a game where both Sevilla and Real Madrid seemed slightly off, the Brazilian showcased his talent and delivered an impressive solo display. His second goal, a remarkable futsal-inspired move in the penalty area, exemplified his skill and marked the end of a lightning-fast counterattack. Meanwhile, Sevilla had their focus on the upcoming Europa League final against Mourinho's Roma, which affected their performance. Real Madrid, determined to maintain their second-place position threatened by Atlético, arrived in Seville seemingly underarmed.

Vinicius, Benzema, Asensio, and Mariano were absent from the lineup, leaving Rodrygo as the primary offensive threat for Carlo Ancelotti's team. On the bench, young squad player Álvaro Rodríguez received a few minutes of play, while Eden Hazard, the club's record signing, remained unused. Ancelotti opted for a midfield-heavy lineup, introducing Valverde and Ceballos alongside Rodrygo. However, it was ultimately the Brazilian who shouldered the responsibility and embarked on a remarkable solo mission.

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